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Desert Valley Doodles is a Small Town, Family Raised Dog Breeder based in The Gila Valley. Hi, I am Trisha, the driving force behind Desert Valley Doodles. I live in a small town in southeast Arizona, with lots of open space and outdoor fun. I am a mom of 4 boys and work in the medical field. I have a child on the spectrum and have found specific breeds of dogs are very helpful in therapy.  We have been breeding animals since 2014, with a focus on making the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We strive to breed the best animals we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care, and attention they deserve. We focus on training and socialization of each puppy. We specialize in starting crate training and potty training. Every puppy goes home loaded to a marker and knows the "sit" command. The earlier you pick us in your puppy journey the more training tips and videos you receive. We are also partnered up with Baxter & Bella. This program is an extension for all families to utilize after a puppy goes home. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

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Noelle's F1b Cavapoos
Born April 27, 2023
Pet Price $3500
Puppy Pick day June 9-10th
Take home day June 28-30th

We can not believe our eyes! We have puppies from each sire.(This is a duel sire Litter.) The solid red ones are Milos and the white with red spots (parti) are Cheytacs. We even have one with the Cavalier marking "the Queen's thumb print" (Litter name Phoebe). Our Gaurdian home family are FRIENDS Fans so it is only fitting to have Noelle's Litter theme named after it. Puppy pick day is approaching. This day is an in person or via Facetime depending on the families availability. We can not wait to see the puppies pick their families.

Puppy Availability

1.  Rodriguez Family

2. Kokubun Family

3. Available

4. Available

5. Available

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F1b Miniature Cavapoos
5 Weeks Old


Chandler is a beautiful Blonde/parti Cavapoo. He has a silky soft coat that will be more wavy than curly. He is very smart and is the first one to explore the new environment. Chandler is very playful and loves to pounce around already. He has a white heart shape on his forehead and many spots on his body. He weighs 2lbs 14oz. He is charting to be 8-12lb as an adult. He will be the smallest male in the litter.



Ross is a handsome solid red Cavapoo. He has a skinny white strip on his chest and a small white spot on his head. He weighs 3lbs 8oz and is charting to be 12-15lbs as an adult. He is found sleeping or eating. He likes to observe but is already food driven. His personality is the most chilled in the litter. His coat is more curly and is less likely to shed.



Joey is a handsome mostly white Cavapoo. He has red spots around his ears, eyes, and around his bottom. These spots are darkening over time to a beautiful cavalier red. He has a silky coat like a cavalier.  It looks like it will be wavy to curly. He weighs 3lbs 13oz. He is charting to be 13-15lbs as an adult. He is very active and is found always playing or exploring. Joey has the wow factor.
Once you meet him you will not forget him.



Phoebe is our beautiful female Blenheim Cavapoo. Her markings are like her mother Noelle. She has the beautiful "Queen's Thumb Print" on her forehead. She weighs 2lbs 15oz. She is charting to be 10-14lbs as an adult. She will have more of a curly coat when she gets older. She is less likely to shed. She is a mama's girl and is found always cuddling with Noelle when possible. She is assertive and the first one to greet you at the gate. She is also the first one to check out or play with a new toy that is being introduced.



Rachel is our beautiful red Cavapoo. She has white on her chest and tips of toes. She weighs 2lbs 4oz. She is charting to be 8-12lbs. Her coat is the most straight. Meaning she will have more of a wavy coat and possible light shedding. Rachel is found observing her siblings and hanging out in the crate. She loves to be cuddled or sleeping.

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Oakley & Pablo

We are elated to have Oakley as a DVD mama. She is a beautiful deep red and pairing her with Pablo will make gorgeous puppies. Both parents have amazing temperaments and are very intelligent. These puppies will be 14-20lbs as adults and all have silky wavy coats. We are hoping for a honeymoon time in June or whenever Oakley comes into heat.

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Each Litter is planned and intentional. Our Dams are healthy and taking Nuvet Vitamins with high quality dog food. Once a tie has occur we supplement with human grade food. Strong healthy puppies start before they are even born. Our Dams are never left alone to whelp their puppies. We take extra care in assisting the mama withy each puppy. Mamas are given supplement calcium to help with the birthing process. The first week there is always a human helper on night duty.

Early Neurological Stimulation

ENS is started on Day 3 and continues daily until puppies go home. Week 1 and 2 are gentle handling and manipulations suggested by puppy culture. These intentional exercises help increase blood flow to the brain and body. They also help the puppy enjoy human touch and start the bonding process.

Stage 2 of ENS

Week 3 marks the transition from whelping box to play area. We add a potty station with pee pad and alfalfa pellets. This starts the scent process connecting grass smell with going potty. We start introducing new toys, textures, and new sounds. This week starts grooming by having all nails clipped weekly. We also implement the teaching of manding to be touched.

Crate Introduction and Spa Day

Week 4 is introducing the Crate. We start by having the litter hang out in the crate and come in and out as they please. We also start noise desensitization. The puppies get their first bath and introduction to the dryer.

Introducing Family Life

In addition to continuing intentional handling, week 5 is when we add obstacles like the slide and wobble table. They also take their first field trip outside. This is the week they meet our pack and learn to socialize with other dogs. It is an amazing dynamic situation that is crucial in social growth.

Crate and Potty Training

Once the puppies are comfortable with the concept of a crate. We introduce each puppy to their own crate. We start potty training by removing all pee pads and having the puppies ask to go potty by manding. We also start night potty by placing each puppy in their crate at night and taking out to go potty every 1-2 hours. This requires a human on night duty.

Loading the Marker

Potty and Crate training is still in progress. The puppies are spending more time in the playpen by the door and outside. They are asking to go potty and introduced to the doggie door. Multiple times a day each puppy is getting one on one with loading the marker. We also introduce the feeling of a harness on each puppy.

Learning Basic command "sit for please"

By the last week. Our goal is to have each puppy sleeping through the night (10pm-5am) by holding their bladder. Knowing how to "sit" on command and loaded to the marker. We know that families need training as well before they bring home the newest member of their family. We send training videos and give one training session on gotcha day.

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There is a $500 non-refundable Reservation Fee required via Zelle with an approved and Signed DVD Contract.


Puppies go home the weekend of age 9 weeks. This allows us time to make sure each puppies is loaded to the marker and manding.


Yes, each puppy is given a good bill of health and is administered the first 5-in-1 vaccine DAPPv (Distempered, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Adenovirus Type 1 and 2) by our Veterinarian around 8 weeks. Each puppy will go home with a record book to show their veterinarian on the first visit.


All Puppies and Dams are given the deworming medication Pyrantel Pamoate many times prior to puppies going home. Please note, stress and environment changes can effect puppies GI tract. If any concerns arise please talk to your veterinarian at your first visit.


We have a 1 year health guarantee? This covers any genetic defects that may present itself. We genetically test all our dams and studs to make sure we are breeding the best. However, it is possible that something could occur. (Please see our contract for more in depth coverage.)


We start daily touch and gentle handling each puppy from day one. We preform daily Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) starting on day 3. By week 1 we add simple grooming, weekly nail clipping and gentle messages all over the body, face, and ears. By week 3 we introduce potty training with pee pads and alfalfa pellets. Week 4 we add a crate in the area so they become comfortable spending time in the crate. We also add stimulating toys and textures daily. By week 5 they get supervised outdoor time. By week 6-7 we start complete potty training. We believe that puppies should understand a schedule before going to their forever home. This allows the majority of our puppies to be completely crate trained and sleeping through the night.


I am a firm believer that you should see what you are buying or fall in love with a puppy prior to giving money. I do not take a deposit until I have a live and thriving litter. I post weekly bios on each puppy that can help you decide on one. We can schedule Facetime when they are young to get a better feel for each puppy. A scheduled visitation is available once puppies have their vaccinations.


Yes, we offer a flight nanny with an additional fee plus cost of airfare. We can meet at Tuscon or Phoenix ariport if flying in or travel a one hour or less radius to meet for no additional cost.


Allergies are a protein based reaction. Protein is found not only in hair follicles but in saliva and urine. There is not a guarantee due to not knowing what is causing the allergy. The first generation breeds are more likely to cause a reaction compared to a second or third generation.


Any puppy can have loose hair. When grooming there will always be hair in the brush/comb. Just like human hair. Even poodles can be like shedders. There is no guarantee of a non shedding puppy. Rule of thumb, first generation doodles are more likely to shed than second and third generation doodles.


Your puppy will go home on Purina Pro Puppy Lamb and Rice or Salmon and Rice Formula. I have not witnessed it in my pack, but doodles are prone to chicken allergies. My puppies all go home with a 2 day NuVet vitamin supplement. It is suggested to continue vitamins for the first month to help with gut health while the puppy is overcoming stresses leaving their litter and transitioning to their new environment. You can order NuVet with the access code 703155. There is an ordering link at the bottom of my website for convenience.


Click on the pictures of our Studs and Dames to see their bios and learn about our parents at Desert Valley Doodles.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, or tell us about the a puppy you are hoping for.

Thatcher, AZ

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